Real estate: Architect Ernst Hubeli - "Housing shortage is wanted"

Real estate: Architect Ernst Hubeli – "Housing shortage is wanted"

MIRROR: Mr. Hubeli, there are many cities Housing shortage. There is no sign of an improvement in the situation. Why?

Hubeli: The problem is that the housing shortage is wanted.

MIRROR: What do you mean?

Hubeli: The housing shortage is part of the business model: the scarcer the supply, the greater the scope for rent and land price increases. Around half of the tenants suffer from excessive housing costs – not only financially but also mentally. The owners put up with this, because every apartment is in demand in an emergency. And it makes the customers compliant to disclose private information when viewing the apartment. Sometimes it's the same people who do otherwise because of data protection Google boycott.

MIRROR: Isn't one of the causes of the housing shortage that the building ground cannot simply be increased as the demand increases?

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