adjective Heraldry.

  1. cut off or abridged in some way, as a cross potent formed as a swastika.


  1. a return of part of the original payment for some service or merchandise; partial refund.

verb (used with object), re·bat·ed, re·bat·ing.

  1. to allow as a discount.
  2. to deduct (a certain amount), as from a total.
  3. to return (part of an original payment): He rebated five dollars to me.
  4. to provide a rebate for (merchandise) after purchase: The manufacturer is rebating this air conditioner.
  5. to blunt (an edged or pointed weapon).
  6. to cover the edge or point of (an edged or pointed weapon) in order to make it incapable of cutting or piercing.

verb (used without object), re·bat·ed, re·bat·ing.

  1. to allow rebates, especially as the policy or practice of a company, store, etc.

noun, verb, re·bat·ed, re·bat·ing.

  1. rabbet.

noun (ˈriːbeɪt)

  1. a refund of a fraction of the amount payable or paid, as for goods purchased in quantity; discount

verb (rɪˈbeɪt) (tr)

  1. to deduct (a part) of a payment from (the total)
  2. archaic to reduce or diminish (something or the effectiveness of something)

noun, verb

  1. another word for rabbet

1650s, from rebate (v.).


late 14c., “to reduce;” early 15c., “to deduct, subtract,” from Old French rabattre “beat down, drive back,” also “deduct,” from re- “repeatedly” (see re-) + abattre “beat down” (see abate). Meaning “to pay back (a sum) as a rebate” is from 1957. Related: Rebated; rebating.

The return of part of a payment for a good. Unlike a discount, which is deducted from the price before purchase, a rebate is returned after purchase.

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