verb (used with object)

  1. to relate or narrate; tell in detail; give the facts or particulars of.
  2. to narrate in order.
  3. to tell one by one; enumerate.

verb (used with object)

  1. to count again.


  1. a second or additional count, as of votes in an election.


  1. (tr) to tell the story or details of; narrate

verb (riːˈkaʊnt)

  1. to count (votes, etc) again

noun (ˈriːˌkaʊnt)

  1. a second or further count, esp of votes in a closely contested election

“to tell,” mid-15c., also recompt, from Old North French and Anglo-French reconter (12c., Modern French raconter), from Old French re- (see re-) + conter “to relate, reckon” (see count (v)). Related: Recounted; recounting.


also re-count, “a new count” (especially in an election), 1855, American English, from re- + count (n).


also re-count, “to enumerate again,” 1764, from re- + count (v). Related: Recounted; recounting.

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