verb (used with object), re·en·forced, re·en·forc·ing, noun

  1. reinforce.

verb (used with object), re·in·forced, re·in·forc·ing.

  1. to strengthen with some added piece, support, or material: to reinforce a wall.
  2. to strengthen (a military force) with additional personnel, ships, or aircraft: to reinforce a garrison.
  3. to strengthen; make more forcible or effective: to reinforce efforts.
  4. to augment; increase: to reinforce a supply.
  5. Psychology. to strengthen the probability of (a response to a given stimulus) by giving or withholding a reward.


  1. something that reinforces.
  2. a metal band on the rear part of the bore of a gun, where the explosion occurs.

verb (tr)

  1. to give added strength or support to
  2. to give added emphasis to; stress, support, or increasehis rudeness reinforced my determination
  3. to give added support to (a military force) by providing more men, supplies, etc
  4. psychol to reward an action or response of (a human or animal) so that it becomes more likely to occur again

c.1600, originally in military sense, from re- “again” + enforce (cf. re-enforce). Related: Reinforced; reinforcing.


  1. To give more force or effectiveness to something; strengthen.
  2. To reward an individual, especially an experimental subject, with a reinforcer subsequent to a desired response or performance.
  3. To stimulate a response by means of a reinforcer.

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