verb (used with object)

  1. to install in an office, benefice, position, etc., especially with formal ceremonies: The committee inducted her as president.
  2. to introduce, especially to something requiring special knowledge or experience; initiate (usually followed by to or into): They inducted him into the mystic rites of the order.
  3. to take (a draftee) into military service; draft.
  4. to bring in as a member: to induct a person into a new profession.

verb (tr)

  1. to bring in formally or install in an office, place, etc; invest
  2. (foll by to or into) to initiate in knowledge (of)
  3. US to enlist for military service; conscript
  4. physics another word for induce (def. 5), induce (def. 6)

late 14c., from Latin inductus, past participle of inducere “to lead” (see induce). Originally of church offices; sense of “bring into military service” is 1934 in American English. Related: Inducted; inducting.


  1. To produce an electric current or a magnetic charge by induction.

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