1. a transversely corded fabric of wool, silk, rayon, or cotton.

noun Informal.

  1. a repertory theater or company.
  2. repetition.
  3. a representative, especially a sales representative.
  4. reputation.


  1. Nucleonics. a unit proposed as a supplement to roentgen for expressing dosage of ionizing radiation: subsequently abandoned.

  1. (in prescriptions) let it be repeated.

  1. repair.
  2. repeat.
  3. report.
  4. reported.
  5. reporter.

  1. Representative.
  2. Republic.
  3. Republican.


  1. a silk, wool, rayon, or cotton fabric with a transversely corded surface


  1. theatre short for repertory company


  1. short for representative (def. 2), representative (def. 5)


  1. informal short for reputation

abbreviation for

  1. US Representative
  2. US Republican
  3. Republic

1705 as abbreviation of reputation (n.); upon rep “I swear it” was a common 18c. slang asseveration. As a shortening of repetition (n.) it is recorded from 1864, originally school slang; as a shortening of representative (n.), especially “sales representative,” it is attested from 1896. As an abbreviation of repertory (company) it is recorded from 1925.


  1. Roentgen-equivalent-physical; a unit of absorbed radiation dose, equal to the amount of ionizing radiation that will transfer 93 ergs of energy to 1 gram of water or living tissue.

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