noun, plural re·ti·a [ree-shee-uh, -shuh, -tee-uh] /ˈri ʃi ə, -ʃə, -ti ə/.

  1. a pierced plate on an astrolabe, having projections whose points correspond to the fixed stars.
  2. a network, as of fibers, nerves, or blood vessels.

noun plural retia (ˈriːʃɪə, -tɪə)

  1. anatomy any network of nerves or blood vessels; plexus

late 14c., in anatomy, from Latin rete “net” (see reticulate (adj.)). Plural is retia.

n. pl. re•ti•a (tē-ə, rēshə)

  1. An anatomical mesh, network, or structure, as of veins, arteries, or nerves.

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