verb (used with object), re·traced, re·trac·ing.

  1. to trace backward; go back over: to retrace one’s steps.
  2. to go back over with the memory.
  3. to go over again with the sight or attention.
  4. re-trace.

verb (used with object), re-traced, re-trac·ing.

  1. to trace again, as lines in writing or drawing.

verb (tr)

  1. to go back over (one’s steps, a route, etc) againwe retraced the route we took last summer
  2. to go over (a past event) in the mind; recall
  3. to go over (a story, account, etc) from the beginning


  1. (tr) to trace (a map, drawing, etc) again

1690s, from French retracer “to trace again,” from Middle French retracier, from re- “again” (see re-) + tracier “to trace” (see trace (v.)). Related: Retraced; retracing.

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