noun, plural rhi·nos, (especially collectively) rhi·no.

  1. a rhinoceros.

noun Chiefly British Slang.

  1. money; cash.

  1. a combining form meaning “nose,” used in the formation of compound words: rhinology.

noun plural -nos or -no

  1. short for rhinoceros


  1. British a slang word for money

combining form

  1. indicating the nose or nasalrhinology

short for rhinoceros, 1884. As slang for “cash” (also rino) 1680s, of unknown origin. Hence cant rhinocerial “rich” [Grose, 1788].

before vowels rhin-, word-forming element meaning “nose, of the nose,” from Greek rhino-, comb. form of rhis “nose,” which is of uncertain origin.


  1. Nose; nasal:rhinitis.

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