noun, plural ri·al·tos.

  1. an exchange or mart.


  1. a commercial center in Venice, Italy, consisting of an island and the surrounding district.
  2. a bridge spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy: constructed of marble in 1590.
  3. a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.
  4. the theater district of a city or town, especially the area around Broadway in New York City.

noun plural -tos

  1. a market or exchange


  1. an island in Venice, Italy, linked with San Marco Island by the Rialto Bridge (1590) over the Grand Canal: the business centre of medieval and renaissance Venice

1879, “exchange, mart,” from the Rialto of Venice, the name of the quarter where the exchange was situated, contracted from Rivoalto and named for the canal (Latin rivus altus “deep stream”) which it crosses.

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