1. a long, narrow elevation of land; a chain of hills or mountains.
  2. the long and narrow upper edge, angle, or crest of something, as a hill, wave, or vault.
  3. the back of an animal.
  4. any raised, narrow strip, as on cloth.
  5. the horizontal line in which the tops of the rafters of a roof meet.
  6. (on a weather chart) a narrow, elongated area of high pressure.

verb (used with object), ridged, ridg·ing.

  1. to provide with or form into a ridge or ridges.
  2. to mark with or as if with ridges.

verb (used without object), ridged, ridg·ing.

  1. to form ridges.


  1. a long narrow raised land formation with sloping sides esp one formed by the meeting of two faces of a mountain or of a mountain buttress or spur
  2. any long narrow raised strip or elevation, as on a fabric or in ploughed land
  3. anatomy any elongated raised margin or border on a bone, tooth, tissue membrane, etc
    1. the top of a roof at the junction of two sloping sides
    2. (as modifier)a ridge tile
  4. the back or backbone of an animal, esp a whale
  5. meteorol an elongated area of high pressure, esp an extension of an anticycloneCompare trough (def. 4)


  1. to form into a ridge or ridges

Old English hrycg “back of a man or beast,” probably reinforced by Old Norse hryggr “back, ridge,” from Proto-Germanic *khrugjaz (cf. Old Frisian hregg, Old Saxon hruggi, Dutch rug, Old High German hrukki, German Rücken “the back”), of uncertain origin. Also in Old English, “the top or crest of anything,” especially when long and narrow. The connecting notion is of the “ridge” of the backbone. Spelling with -dg- is from late 15c. Ridge-runner “Southern Appalachian person” first recorded 1917.


  1. A long, narrow, or crested part of the body, as on the nose.

  1. A long narrow chain of hills or mountains.
  2. See mid-ocean ridge.
  3. A narrow, elongated zone of relatively high atmospheric pressure associated with an area of peak anticyclonic circulation. Compare trough.

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