roche moutonnee

roche moutonnee

noun Geology.

  1. a rounded, glacially eroded rock outcrop, usually one of a group, resembling a sheep’s back.

noun plural roches moutonnées (ˈrəʊʃ ˌmuːtəˈneɪz)

  1. a rounded mass of rock smoothed and striated by ice that has flowed over it

  1. An elongate mound of bedrock worn smooth and rounded by glacial abrasion. A roche moutonnée has a long axis parallel to the direction of glacial movement, a gently sloping, striated side facing the direction from which the glacier originated, and a steeper side facing the direction of glacial movement. The height, length, and width of roche moutonnées are on the order of a few meters (tens of feet).
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