Ronsard [rawn-sar] Examples noun

  1. Pierre de [pyer duh] /pyɛr də/, 1524–85, French poet.

Examples from the Web for ronsard Historical Examples of ronsard

  • Like Ronsard he suffered from deafness, and he has humorously sung its praises.

    A History of French Literature

    Edward Dowden

  • Among French sonnetteers Ronsard attacked the theme most boldly.

    A Life of William Shakespeare

    Sidney Lee

  • Poets like Ronsard graced the life of the court with exquisite verse.

    Famous Affinities of History, Vol 1-4, Complete

    Lyndon Orr

  • It is clear-eyed and sparkling with dew, like a sonnet by Ronsard.

    A Night in the Luxembourg

    Remy De Gourmont

  • Your Majesty, Ronsard himself could not have invented better.

    In Search of Mademoiselle

    George Gibbs

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    1. Pierre de (pjɛr də). 1524–85, French poet, foremost of the Pléiade
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