Roscius [rosh-ee-uh s, rosh-uh s] Examples noun

  1. Quin·tus [kwin-tuh s] /ˈkwɪn təs/, c126–c62 b.c., Roman actor.

Examples from the Web for roscius Historical Examples of roscius

  • As early as 1805, some critics in England spoke of her as the Infant Roscius.

    She Would Be a Soldier

    Mordecai Manuel Noah

  • Pantomimists, and dancing girls with bare faces, have replaced Paulus and Roscius.


    Anatole France

  • Then Roscius mounted the rostrum, but not a man would give ear to him.

    The Boys’ and Girls’ Plutarch


  • “You mean more than you say, Roscius,” said Stephen, with a sudden sinking of heart.

    One Snowy Night

    Emily Sarah Holt

  • Rymer styles him and Mohun the sopus and Roscius of their time.

    Their Majesties’ Servants (Volume 1 of 3)

    John Doran

  • British Dictionary definitions for roscius Roscius noun

    1. full name Quintus Roscius Gallus . died 62 bc, Roman actor
    2. any actor

    Derived FormsRoscian, adjective Word Origin and History for roscius Roscius n.

    name of a celebrated Roman actor.

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