ROU abbreviation for

  1. Uruguay (international car registration)

Word Origin for ROU From R(epública) O(riental de) U(ruguay) Examples from the Web for rou Historical Examples of rou

  • The Honourable Felix Lorraine we have before described as a rou.

    Vivian Grey

    Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli

  • For no one doubted but that he was as dangerous a rou as his hero.

    Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature – 4. Naturalism in England

    Georg Brandes

  • “Ugh,” answered the rou, much too wise ever to be surprised.

    Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 71, No. 438, April 1852


  • There stood the rou—the duellist—and, with all his faults, the hero too!

    Uncle Silas

    J. S. LeFanu

  • Now which of the two is preferable—the pride of a virtuous youth, or the rou exhausted and worn out by sexual abuses?

    Plain Talks on Avoided Subjects

    Henry Newell Guernsey

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