1. causing or uttering screeches: screeching bats.
  2. characteristic of screeches; harshly shrill: a screeching tone.


  1. the act or sound of a person or thing that screeches.

verb (used without object)

  1. to utter or make a harsh, shrill cry or sound: The child screeched hysterically. The brakes screeched.

verb (used with object)

  1. to utter with a screech: She screeched her warning.


  1. a harsh, shrill cry or sound: an owl’s screech; the screech of brakes.


  1. a shrill, harsh, or high-pitched sound or cry


  1. to utter with or produce a screech

noun Canadian

  1. (esp in Newfoundland) a dark rum

v.1570s, alteration of scritch (mid-13c., schrichen), possibly of imitative origin (cf. shriek). Related: Screeched; screeching. Screech-owl is attested from 1590s (scritch-owl is from 1520s). n.1550s, from screech (v.). Earlier scritch (1510s).

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