noun, plural scul·ler·ies. Chiefly British.

  1. a small room or section of a pantry in which food is cleaned, trimmed, and cut into cooking portions before being sent to the kitchen.
  2. a small room or section of a pantry or kitchen in which cooking utensils are cleaned and stored.

noun plural -leries

  1. mainly British a small room or part of a kitchen where washing up, vegetable preparation, etc is done

n.mid-15c. (early 14c. as a surname), “household department concerned with the care of kitchen utensils,” from Old French escuelerie “office of the servant in charge of plates, etc.,” from escuelier “keeper of the dishes,” from escuele “dish” (12c., Modern French écuelle), from Latin scutella “serving platter, silver” (see scuttle (n.)).

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