adjective, seed·i·er, seed·i·est.

  1. abounding in seed.
  2. containing many seeds, as a piece of fruit.
  3. gone to seed; bearing seeds.
  4. poorly kept; run-down; shabby.
  5. shabbily dressed; unkempt: a seedy old tramp.
  6. physically run-down; under the weather: He felt a bit seedy after his operation.
  7. somewhat disreputable; degraded: a seedy hotel.

adjective seedier or seediest

  1. shabby or unseemly in appearanceseedy clothes
  2. (of a plant) at the stage of producing seeds
  3. informal not physically fit; sickly

adj.mid-15c., “fruitful, abundant,” from seed (n.) + -y (2). From 1570s as “abounding in seeds.” Meaning “shabby” is from 1739, probably in reference to the appearance of a flowering plant that has run to seed. Related: Seediness.

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