verb (used with object), lac·er·at·ed, lac·er·at·ing.

  1. to tear roughly; mangle: The barbed wire lacerated his hands.
  2. to distress or torture mentally or emotionally; wound deeply; pain greatly: His bitter criticism lacerated my heart.


  1. lacerated.

verb (ˈlæsəˌreɪt) (tr)

  1. to tear (the flesh, etc) jaggedly
  2. to hurt or harrow (the feelings, etc)

adjective (ˈlæsəˌreɪt, -rɪt)

  1. having edges that are jagged or torn; laceratedlacerate leaves

v.early 15c., from Latin laceratus, past participle of lacerare “tear to pieces, mangle,” figuratively, “to slander, censure, abuse,” from lacer “torn, mangled,” from PIE root *lek- “to rend, tear” (cf. Greek lakis “tatter, rag,” lakizein “to tear to pieces;” Russian lochma “rag, tatter, scrap;” Albanian l’akur “naked”). Related: Lacerated; lacerating. v.

  1. To rip, cut, or tear.


  1. Torn; mangled.
  2. Wounded.

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