noun, plural sem·i·nar·ies.

  1. a special school providing education in theology, religious history, etc., primarily to prepare students for the priesthood, ministry, or rabbinate.
  2. a school, especially one of higher grade.
  3. a school of secondary or higher level for young women.
  4. seminar(def 1).
  5. a place of origin and propagation: a seminary of discontent.

noun plural -naries

  1. an academy for the training of priests, rabbis, etc
  2. US another word for seminar (def. 1)
  3. a place where something is grown

n.mid-15c., “plot where plants are raised from seeds,” from Latin seminarium “plant nursery, seed plot,” figuratively, “breeding ground,” from seminarius “of seed,” from semen (genitive seminis) “seed” (see semen). Meaning “school for training priests” first recorded 1580s; commonly used for any school (especially academies for young ladies) from 1580s to 1930s.

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