adjective Also se·mi·ot·i·cal.

  1. of or relating to signs.
  2. of or relating to semiotics.
  3. Medicine/Medical. of or relating to symptoms; symptomatic.


  1. semiotics.


  1. relating to signs and symbols, esp spoken or written signs
  2. relating to semiotics
  3. of, relating to, or resembling the symptoms of disease; symptomatic

adj.1620s, “of symptoms, relating to signs of diseases,” from Greek semeiotikos “significant,” also “observant of signs,” adjective form of semeiosis “indication,” from semeioun “to signal, to interpret a sign,” from semeion “a sign, mark, token,” from sema “sign” (see semantic). Its use in psychology dates to 1923. Related: Semiotical (1580s).

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