adjective, shag·gi·er, shag·gi·est.

  1. covered with or having long, rough hair.
  2. untidy; unkempt: a shaggy person.
  3. rough and matted; forming a bushy mass, as the hair or mane.
  4. having a rough nap, as cloth.
  5. characterized by sloppy planning or execution: a shaggy production of Macbeth.

adjective -gier or -giest

  1. having or covered with rough unkempt fur, hair, wool, etca shaggy dog
  2. rough or unkempt
  3. (in textiles) having a nap of long rough strands

adj.“rough, coarse, unkempt,” 1590s, from shag (n.) + -y (2). Related: Shaggily; shagginess. Earlier was shagged, from Old English sceacgede “hairy;” cf. Old Norse skeggjaðr, Danish skægget “bearded.” The shaggy-dog story as a type of joke is attested from 1944, perhaps from vaudeville.

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