adjective, shak·i·er, shak·i·est.

  1. tending to shake or tremble.
  2. trembling; tremulous.
  3. liable to break down or give way; insecure; not to be depended upon: a shaky bridge.
  4. wavering, as in allegiance: His loyalty, always shaky, was now nonexistent.

adjective shakier or shakiest

  1. tending to shake or tremble
  2. liable to prove defective; unreliable
  3. uncertain or questionableyour arguments are very shaky

adj.1840, of handwriting; 1841 of persons, horses, and credit; 1850 of structures; from shake (v.) + -y (2). General sense of “uncertain, of questionable integrity” is from 1834. Earliest of trees or logs, “split, having fissures” (1808). Related: Shakily; shakiness.

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