1. material for shelves.
  2. shelves collectively.

verb (used with object), shelved, shelv·ing.

  1. to place (something) on a shelf or shelves.
  2. to put off or aside from consideration: to shelve the question.
  3. to remove from active use or service; dismiss.
  4. to furnish with shelves.

verb (used without object), shelved, shelv·ing.

  1. to slope gradually.


  1. material for making shelves
  2. a set of shelves; shelves collectively

verb (tr)

  1. to place on a shelf
  2. to provide with shelves
  3. to put aside or postpone from consideration
  4. to dismiss or cause to retire


  1. (intr) to slope away gradually; incline

v.11590s, “to overhang,” also “to provide with shelves,” probably a back-formation from shelves, plural of shelf (n.1). Meaning “put on a shelf” first recorded 1650s; metaphoric sense of “lay aside, dismiss” is from 1812. Related: Shelved; shelving. v.2“to slope gradually,” 1610s, from Middle English shelven “to slope,” from shelfe “grassy slope,” a word related to shelf (n.1). Related: Shelved; shelving.

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