Showa [shoh-wah] Examples noun

  1. the designation of the period of the reign of Emperor Hirohito, begun in 1926.

Hirohito [heer-oh-hee-toh; Japanese hee-raw-hee-taw] noun

  1. Showa, 1901–89, emperor of Japan 1926–89.

Examples from the Web for showa Contemporary Examples of showa

  • The metal grating of the Showa Shell service station was only half-raised.

    Japan’s Nuclear Ghost Towns

    William T. Vollmann

    May 2, 2011

  • British Dictionary definitions for showa Hirohito noun

    1. 1901–89, emperor of Japan 1926–89. In 1946 he became a constitutional monarch

    showa in Culture Hirohito [(heer-oh-hee-toh)]

    Japanese emperor who came to the throne in the 1920s. He reigned over the Japanese in World War II. After the war, he was forced to give up the claim to divine status that previous emperors had made. He died in 1989, after long outliving all the other major figures associated with the war.

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