Shrovetide [shrohv-tahyd] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the three days before Ash Wednesday, once a time of confession and absolution.

Origin of Shrovetide First recorded in 1375–1425, Shrovetide is from the late Middle English word shroftyde. See shrove, tide1 Examples from the Web for shrovetide Historical Examples of shrovetide

  • A calf bought for the convent for Quinquagesima Sunday (Shrovetide), 9d.

    English Monastic Life

    Abbot Gasquet

  • And this play is showed especially about Shrovetide, called in Italian Macchararum.

    The Pirate

    Sir Walter Scott

  • It was on the eve of Shrovetide, in the wilds about sixty versts from the railroad.

    The Awakening

    Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy

  • About the same time Douglas came upon Roxburgh, when the garrison were enjoying the careless mirth of Shrovetide.

    Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II

    Charlotte Mary Yonge

  • Shrovetide,—in its original meaning, signifies the time of confessing sins to a priest.

    The Book of Curiosities

    I. Platts

  • British Dictionary definitions for shrovetide Shrovetide noun

    1. the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, formerly a time when confessions were made in preparation for Lent

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