shush [shuhsh] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for shush on interjection

  1. hush (used as a command to be quiet or silent).

verb (used with object)

  1. to order (someone or something) to be silent; hush.

Origin of shush First recorded in 1920–25; imitativeRelated formsshush·er, noun Related Words for shush subdue, mute, hush, lull, still, muzzle, quash, suppress, quieten, muffle, quell, gag, deaden, stifle, dull, clam, dampen, soft-pedal, quiet, squelch Examples from the Web for shush Contemporary Examples of shush

  • Naomi gripped the bar, glancing back and forth between her hands and making “shush” noises to focus.

    Sandy Koufax 2.0

    Zachary Fenster

    July 11, 2012

  • When Barack Obama tried to shush “loose talk of war,” he got as much traction as a vicar giving a sermon during a soccer riot.

    Please Shut Up

    Gershom Gorenberg

    March 12, 2012

  • Historical Examples of shush

  • I was just about to say he could when again that shush, shush!

    The Witch Doctor and other Rhodesian Studies

    Frank Worthington

  • Navel tried to shush him, embarrassed, but he doggedly went on.

    Conquest Over Time

    Michael Shaara

  • Being at a little distance from her, Bert had no chance to shush her outspoken comments.

    Big Pill

    Raymond Zinke Gallun

  • The orderly stopped pushing his chair and the nurse rushed forward to shush them sternly, but it barely dampened the calls.


    Cory Doctorow

  • I listened, and sure enough I heard the shush, shush of something moving in the dead leaves and dry grass a little distance away.

    The Witch Doctor and other Rhodesian Studies

    Frank Worthington

  • British Dictionary definitions for shush shush interjection

    1. be quiet! hush!


    1. to silence or calm (someone) by or as if by saying “shush”

    Word Origin for shush C20: reduplication of sh, influenced by hush 1 Word Origin and History for shush v.

    1921, imitative of the command to be quiet (1904), an expansion of sh. Related: Shushed; shushing.

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