Sicanian [si-key-nee-uh n] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. Sicilian.

Origin of Sicanian 1640–50; Latin Sīcani(us) (Sīcani(a) Sicily + -us adj. suffix; see -ous) + -an Examples from the Web for sicanian Historical Examples of sicanian

  • Lastly, history assures us that the Sicanian name prevailed in Italy, before it passed over into Sicily.

    Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age, Vol. 1 of 3

    W. E. Gladstone

  • There is an ancient land of mine bordering the Tuscan river, stretching far westward beyond the Sicanian borders.

    The Aeneid of Virgil


  • British Dictionary definitions for sicanian Sicanian adjective

    1. another word for Sicilian

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