sice [sahys] Examples noun

  1. syce.

syce or saice, sice [sahys] noun

  1. (in India) a groom; stable attendant.

Origin of syce 1645–55; Urdu sā’is Arabic Examples from the Web for sice Historical Examples of sice

  • And now the action of the Sacrifice was suspended and Father Vimont broke the sice and earnestly spoke to the worshippers.

    Montreal 1535-1914 under the French Rgime

    William Henry Atherton

  • Breaks your rart to see the callous sardness of the human race, every luxury and ease themselves and cold as sice to others.

    A Houseful of Girls

    Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

  • British Dictionary definitions for sice sice noun

    1. a variant spelling of syce

    syce sice or saice noun

    1. (formerly, in India) a servant employed to look after horses, drive carriages, etc
    2. (in Malaysia) a driver or chauffeur

    Word Origin for syce C17: from Urdu sā’is, from Arabic, from sāsa to administer Word Origin and History for sice n.

    “a roll of 6 in dice,” late 14c., from Old French sis, from Latin sex (see six).

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