sideboard [sahyd-bawrd, -bohrd] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a piece of furniture, as in a dining room, often with shelves, drawers, etc., for holding articles of table service.
  2. a board forming a side or a part of a side; sidepiece.
  3. sideboards, Slang. side whiskers.

Origin of sideboard Middle English word dating back to 1300–50; see origin at side1, board Related Words for sideboards cupboard, table, closet, buffet, credenza Examples from the Web for sideboards Historical Examples of sideboards

  • Fortunately the sideboards of those times were substantial of build.

    Cakes & Ale

    Edward Spencer

  • There were no sideboards in her day anywhere—no mahogany until 1747.

    The Mother of Washington and Her Times

    Sara Agnes Rice Pryor

  • If the dining-room be large, it is desirable to have two sideboards, one larger than the other.

    Household Organization

    Florence Caddy

  • They were kept on plates on sideboards in the sun, or thrust into mousy cupboards.


    Mary Cholmondeley

  • Sideboards should be nailed on these stakes about two feet high.

    Natural and Artificial Duck Culture

    James Rankin

  • British Dictionary definitions for sideboards sideboards pl n

    1. another term for sideburns

    sideboard noun

    1. a piece of furniture intended to stand at the side of a dining room, with drawers, cupboards, and shelves to hold silver, china, linen, etc

    Word Origin and History for sideboards sideboard n.

    “table placed near the side of a room or hall” (especially one where food is served), c.1300, from side (adj.) + board (n.1).

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