1. signal.
  2. signature.
  3. signor.Also Sig.
  4. signore; signori.Also Sig.

Sig. 1

  1. (in prescriptions) write; mark; label: indicating directions to be written on a package or label for the use of the patient.

Origin of Sig. 1Latin signā; See signa Sig. 2

  1. let it be written.

Origin of Sig. 2From the Latin word signētur British Dictionary definitions for sig. sig. abbreviation for

  1. signature

Sig. abbreviation for

  1. (in prescriptions) signā
  2. (in prescriptions) signature
  3. signor
  4. signore

Word Origin for Sig. (sense 1) Latin: sign (senses 3 and 4) Italian: mister sig. in Medicine sig. abbr.

  1. signa (sign; label)
  2. signetur (let it be labeled; let it be signed)

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