sight-read [sahyt-reed] Word Origin verb (used with or without object), sight-read [sahyt-red] /ˈsaɪt rɛd/, sight-read·ing [sahyt-ree-ding] /ˈsaɪtˌri dɪŋ/.

  1. to read, play, or sing without previous practice, rehearsal, or study of the material to be treated: to sight-read music; to sight-read another language.

Origin of sight-read First recorded in 1900–05 Related formssight-read·er [sahyt-ree-der] /ˈsaɪtˌri dər/, noun British Dictionary definitions for sight-read sight-read verb -reads, -reading or -read (-ˌrɛd)

  1. to sing or play (music in a printed or written form) without previous preparation

Derived Formssight-reader, nounsight-reading, noun

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