silene noun

  1. any plant of the large perennial genus Silene, with mostly red or pink flowers; many, esp S. or Agrostemma coeli-rosa, are grown as garden plants: family CarophyllaceaeSee also campion

Word Origin for silene New Latin from Latin silenus viscaria Examples from the Web for silene Historical Examples of silene

  • One of the best cheap bedders is Pink Catchfly (Silene pendula).

    Last Words

    Juliana Horatia Ewing

  • We found a new species of floweret of the genus Silene, but unknown to us.

    Audubon and his Journals, Volume I (of 2)

    Maria R. Audubon

  • At last the insect wearies and leaves the Mantis hanging to the Silene.

    More Hunting Wasps

    J. Henri Fabre

  • Unguiculate (clawed) petal of a Silene; with a two-parted crown.

    The Elements of Botany

    Asa Gray

  • The corolla shows greater decrease in size in Melandryum and Silene, in diffuse light, though the relative form is maintained.

    Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, December 1898


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