sima 1[sahy-muh] ExamplesWord Origin noun Geology.

  1. an assemblage of rocks, rich in silica and magnesium, that constitutes the lower layer of the earth’s crust and is found beneath the ocean floors and the sial of continents.

Origin of sima 1German (1909), equivalent to Latin si(licium) silicium + ma(gnesium) magnesium Related formssi·mat·ic [sahy-mat-ik] /saɪˈmæt ɪk/, adjective sima 2[sahy-muh] noun Architecture.

  1. the uppermost member of a full classical order, usually a cyma recta, representing a roof gutter; cymatium.

Origin of sima 2variant of cyma Examples from the Web for sima Contemporary Examples of sima

  • I know Sima Samar, the chair of the human-rights commission there.

    Mary Robinson: Climate Change’s Gender Gap

    Katie Baker

    March 8, 2013

  • But rather than showing any signs of slowing down, when asked about her personal source of energy, Sima had a ready answer.

    Crisis Group and Hillary Clinton Honor Women in Pursuit of Peace

    Swanee Hunt

    December 18, 2011

  • Let me tell you about Dr. Sima Samar, one of three reported “finalists.”

    The Woman Who Should Have Won Obama’s Nobel

    Elaine Lafferty

    October 12, 2009

  • Historical Examples of sima

  • Sima was the earlier name in the MS., but was erased by Linnus.

    The Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society – Vol. 4


  • They further mention the presence of Arabs and say that in 674 a queen named Sima ascended the throne and ruled justly.

    Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3)

    Charles Eliot

  • “Sima, my dear, don’t agitate yourself,” said Sergei Modestovich in a whisper.

    The Old House and Other Tales

    Feodor Sologub

  • Rabbana Ashi (born 352, died 427) was the son of Sima, and the descendant of an ancient family.

    History of the Jews, Vol. II (of 6)

    Heinrich Graetz

  • The Batoko wife of Sima came up from the Falls, to welcome her husband back, bringing a present of the best fruits of the country.

    A Popular Account of Dr. Livingstone’s Expedition to the Zambesi and Its Tributaries

    David Livingstone

  • British Dictionary definitions for sima sima noun

    1. the silicon-rich and magnesium-rich rocks of the earth’s oceanic crust, the most abundant individual rock being basalt
    2. the earth’s continental lower crust, probably comprised of gabbro rather than basalt

    Derived Formssimatic (saɪˈmætɪk), adjectiveWord Origin for sima C20: from si (lica) + ma (gnesia)

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