verb (used without object), snapped, snap·ping.

  1. to make a sudden, sharp, distinct sound; crack, as a whip; crackle.
  2. to click, as a mechanism or the jaws or teeth coming together.
  3. to move, strike, shut, catch, etc., with a sharp sound, as a door, lid, or lock.
  4. to break suddenly, especially with a sharp, cracking sound, as something slender and brittle: The branch snapped.
  5. to act or move with quick or abrupt motions of the body: to snap to attention.
  6. Photography. to take a photograph, especially without formal posing of the subject.
  7. to make a quick or sudden bite or grab (often followed by at).
  8. to utter a quick, sharp sentence or speech, especially a command, reproof, retort, etc. (often followed by at).
  9. to be radiant; sparkle; flash, as the eyes.

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