Speed ​​limit: Ministry of Transport plans speed limit study

Speed ​​limit: Ministry of Transport plans speed limit study

The Christian Social Union attaches great importance to a distinction from the right AfD these days. In a campaign, however, the optics and statements of the two parties are very similar: in the case of a speed limit on motorways: "Tempo 130 – No thanks," it is called the Christian Socialists. The plea is said to be the loss for the party of Federal Minister of Transport in the upcoming local elections Andreas Scheuer help limit.

But Scheuer and the Bavarian conservatives are coming under increasing pressure with their attitudes. Approval for a top speed on German motorways has meanwhile grown to at least half of the population. The coalition partner SPD demands that speed limit, Today it is up for vote in the Federal Council. Even if the majority will not be able to achieve this – the zeitgeist is shifting. And the officials in the house of the minister, who was badly hit by the car toll affair, are also reacting to this.

Officially, the study would be about autonomous cars

According to SPIEGEL information, there are at least considerations to have the effects of a speed limit examined on highways. Officially, the question would not be whether traffic accidents can be prevented or greenhouse gases saved. Instead, the scientific question should focus on the relationship between autonomously driving cars and conventionally controlled cars. The investigation, led by the Federal Highway Research Institute, could take place on the A7 in Lower Saxony. Talks between the Ministry of Transport in Berlin and the state government in Hanover are said to have already taken place.

The ADAC, long opposed to a general speed limit on motorways, recently stated that the opinion among the members was undecided. The automobile club therefore called for studies to examine the effect on the environment and road safety.

The Ministry of Transport would accommodate the ADAC with the considerations for a study. The fact that one wants to formally examine the effects of speed on autonomous driving is not out of thin air. The high speed differences on German motorways should make it difficult for computer-controlled cars to adapt to the traffic flow. The goal of autonomous driving is also to ensure that the speed of all vehicles on the motorway is as constant as possible. However, this should be a maximum of 130 kilometers per hour. With reference to future technology, the Volvo Group had announced that it would shut down its cars at 180 km / h in the future.

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