Saturday , October 19 2019

Stormzy: Rap-Star rejects festival appearance in Austria due to Racial Profiling

Because of the charge of Racial Profiling, the British rapper Stormzy has canceled his appearance at the Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen, Austria. His manager and all his friends were picked out by the festival's security for their skin color and aggressively attacked, Stormzy said on Instagram, "though none of them fit the description".

The festival has already apologized for the incident with the musician and his team "wholeheartedly". Snowbombing explained that on Wednesday security was informed that a festival visitor might carry a weapon. Therefore, on Wednesday night, a small number of guests, including Stormzys manager, would have been escorted to one of the nearest exits and searched there for weapons – unsuccessfully.

"We do everything we can to understand what exactly happened and treat it with the utmost force to make sure that it can not happen again", so the festival on his homepage,

Stormzy, bourgeois Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., is one of Britain's biggest hip-hop stars. His debut album "Gang Signs & Prayer" was, among other things, the first album of the sub-genre Grime that topped national album charts. He is also known for his political commitment to the socially disadvantaged and has announced a Scholarship for black students to finance at the University of Cambridge. With the publishing house Penguin Random House Stormzy has also planned its own imprint called #merkybooks.

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