Subaru display shows fuel savings from stop-start

Subaru display shows fuel savings from stop-start

As Subaru expands its use of stop-start technology, it is letting owners see for themselves the value of it.

Subaru is featuring a fuel savings display on its newly redesigned models that shows how long the stop-start system is active and how much fuel has been saved because of it.

The display pops up on the instrument cluster as soon as the start-stop system kicks on.

The vehicle’s engine control module produces the read-out by computing fuel injector volume and revolutions per minute, plus the length of time the stop-start system is active, and then calculates the amount of fuel not used, a Subaru spokesman said.

A few seconds of engine stop here and there do not quickly add up to “gallons” of gasoline savings. But Subaru wants owners to see that each drop of fuel saved is beneficial — both environmentally and financially.

“We wanted our customers to see how the auto start-stop system helps them reduce their carbon footprint and lower their fuel costs,” said Michael Redic, car line planning manager at Subaru of America.

The fuel savings tally starts over each time a vehicle’s trip odometer is reset.

An earlier version of the system debuted on the low-volume first-generation Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, but Subaru brought it back with the redesigned Forester and has since spread it to the redesigned 2020 Legacy sedan and Outback midsize crossover, as well as the 2020 Crosstrek crossover.

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