noun, plural tae·ni·ae [tee-nee-ee] /ˈti niˌi/.

  1. Classical Antiquity. a headband or fillet.
  2. Architecture. (on a Doric entablature) a fillet or band separating the frieze from the architrave.
  3. Anatomy. a ribbonlike structure, as certain bands of white nerve fibers in the brain.
  4. any tapeworm of the genus Taenia, parasitic in humans and other mammals.

noun plural -niae (-nɪˌiː)

  1. (in ancient Greece) a narrow fillet or headband for the hair
  2. architect the fillet between the architrave and frieze of a Doric entablature
  3. anatomy any bandlike structure or part
  4. any tapeworm of the genus Taenia, such as T. soleum, a parasite of man that uses the pig as its intermediate host

n. pl tae•ni•as

  1. A ribbonlike band of tissue or muscle.
  2. A flatworm of the genus Taenia, which includes many tapeworms. Not in technical use.


  1. A genus of cestodes that formerly included most of the tapeworms but is now restricted to those species infecting carnivores with a cysticercus.

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