1. any of certain devices or attachments for determining distances by measuring the angle subtending a known distance.
  2. Electricity. the complete measuring, transmitting, and receiving apparatus for indicating, recording, or integrating at a distance, by electrical translating means, the value of a quantity.

verb (used with object)

  1. to transmit (radio signals, data, etc.) automatically and at a distance, as between a ground station and an artificial satellite, space probe, or the like, especially in order to record information, operate guidance apparatus, etc.

verb (used without object)

  1. to telemeter radio signals, data, etc.


  1. any device for recording or measuring a distant event and transmitting the data to a receiver or observer
  2. any device or apparatus used to measure a distance without directly comparing it with a measuring rod, etc, esp one that depends on the measurement of angles


  1. (tr) to obtain and transmit (data) from a distant source, esp from a spacecraft

n.1860, a rangefinder for surveying and artillery, from French télémètre (1852), from télé- “far” (see tele-) + mètre “meter” (see -meter). Used from 1953 for a pay-as-you-watch TV system with a coin box attached to the set.

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