Tesla Model Y: Elon Musk introduces mid-sized electric SUV

Tesla Model Y: Elon Musk introduces mid-sized electric SUV

Tesla has his model range around a medium sized SUV expanded to Model Y. The car is based on the bestseller Model 3, which is delivered since 2017. The Model Y should come on the road in the fall of 2020, announced Tesla boss Elon Musk in Los Angeles.

The Model Y looks similar to the Model 3, but above all, a little higher. The vehicle is to come with a battery charge up to 480 kilometers and provide space for up to seven passengers.

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Model Y:
This is Tesla's new SUV

With the car, which should cost from $ 39,000, Tesla wants to accelerate its growth once again and attack German and other premium brands stronger. Musk was convinced that Tesla would sell more Model Y vehicles than the three previous S, X and 3 models. The Model 3 is already the world's most sold electric car,

Basic model should follow in 2021

The Model Y will come with a wider range of electric cars from major corporations such as VW or Daimler compete. Also, given the upcoming product offensive of the rivals, it was important for Musk to expand the model family as soon as possible to a compact SUV.

In the segment Tesla is comparatively late turn – unlike his previous models. Hyundai. Kia. jaguar. Audi and other manufacturers already offer mid-sized electric SUVs, Volkswagen and others will probably do this about the same time as Tesla.

First, the Model Y should be sold in more powerful versions at prices between 47,000 and 60,000 dollars. The base model of the Model Y with a range of around 370 kilometers will follow only in the spring of 2021.

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Tesla Model Y:
These are the competitors of the new SUV

Similarly, Tesla also had the limousine Model 3 introduced to speed up the high start-up costs of production. Only late, Musk had a simpler Model 3 model for $ 35,000 announced,

Tesla wants to avoid cost explosion

The Model Y should be a compact SUV, which looks like a sports car let go, Musk promised. The most powerful version should be up to 240 kilometers per hour fast and come in 3.5 seconds from 0 to 60 miles per hour (about 96.5 km / h).

Tesla absolutely wants to avoid a cost explosion this time as with his first SUV Model X. Although the vehicle was based on the large sedan model S, sensational details such as wing doors in the rear seats pushed up expenses and delayed the start of production. You could describe the Model X as a "Fabergé egg meets spaceship" joked Musk at the event in Los Angeles.

The fact that Tesla intends to keep the effort on the production start manageable, does not mean that it will happen. Even the Model 3 should be easier to manufacture – but new problems had delayed the start of a mass production by months and pushed Tesla to the edge of the abyss. Similar risks also threaten the Model Y, because Tesla is growing rapidly, which increases the risk of planning errors.

Tesla has now built a total of about 550,000 electric cars and in a year it will be around one million, said Musk. It was not long ago that "electric cars seemed like a very stupid idea".


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