1. plural of testis.

noun, plural tes·tes [tes-teez] /ˈtɛs tiz/. Anatomy, Zoology.

  1. the male gonad or reproductive gland, either of two oval glands located in the scrotum.


  1. the plural of testis

noun plural -tes (-tiːz)

  1. another word for testicle

n.(plural testes), 1704, from Latin testis “testicle,” usually regarded as a special application of testis “witness” (see testament), presumably because it “bears witness” to virility (cf. Greek parastates, literally “one that stands by;” and French slang témoins, literally “witnesses”). But Buck thinks Greek parastatai “testicles” has been wrongly associated with the legal sense of parastates “supporter, defender” and suggests instead parastatai in the sense of twin “supporting pillars, props of a mast,” etc. Walde, meanwhile, suggests a connection between testis and testa “pot, shell, etc.” n. pl. tes•tes (-tēz)

  1. The male reproductive gland, the source of spermatozoa and the androgens, normally occurring paired in an external scrotum.didymus orchis

Plural testes (tĕstēz)

  1. The primary reproductive organ of male animals, in which sperm and the male sex hormones (androgens) are produced. In most vertebrates, the testes are contained inside the body. In many mammals, however, the testes are enclosed in an external scrotum.

sing. testis (tes-tis) The two organs in the male reproductive system that produce sperm and testosterone. The testes are housed in the scrotum.

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