Sunday , September 27 2020
Hardware store in the category overview: Check out the bargain list from Amazon

The deals list with a real discount: Price breakers from the hardware store category

Every day Amazon has hundreds of DIY store products at reduced prices. Our bargain table shows you which offers there are and whether the deals are really as good as they suggest, which offers you two advantages: You can see current Amazon flash deals clearly divided into the most exciting categories, such as "Household & Garden", " Cell Phones & Accessories "and" PCs & Notebooks ".

We'll also show you a more meaningful strike price and a fair discount. Because Amazon does not mark all offers with a before / after price. And even if it is, it is by no means said that the deal price is good. Perhaps the Amazon price was much too high the day before, but maybe the price also refers to the RRP. You never know exactly. Our strike price therefore refers to the average price over the past few weeks.

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