noun, plural the·ol·o·gies.

  1. the field of study and analysis that treats of God and of God’s attributes and relations to the universe; study of divine things or religious truth; divinity.
  2. a particular form, system, branch, or course of this study.

noun plural -gies

  1. the systematic study of the existence and nature of the divine and its relationship to and influence upon other beings
  2. a specific branch of this study, undertaken from the perspective of a particular groupfeminist theology
  3. the systematic study of Christian revelation concerning God’s nature and purpose, esp through the teaching of the Church
  4. a specific system, form, or branch of this study, esp for those preparing for the ministry or priesthood

n.mid-14c., from Old French theologie “philosophical treatment of Christian doctrine” (14c.), from Latin theologia, from Greek theologia “an account of the gods,” from theologos “one discoursing on the gods,” from theos “god” (see Thea) + -logos “treating of.” Theology moves back and forth between two poles, the eternal truth of its foundations and the temporal situation in which the eternal truth must be received. [Paul Tillich, “Systematic Theology,” 1951] The disciplined study of religious questions, such as the nature of God, sin, and salvation (see also salvation).

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