Sunday , October 25 2020
Thousands of Israelis oppose Netanyahu | Currently Middle East | DW

Thousands of Israelis oppose Netanyahu | Currently Middle East | KG

In Jerusalem, several thousand people gathered in front of the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Tel Aviv, too, citizens marched through the streets with protest signs. Three people were arrested in the northern port city of Haifa for allegedly attacking demonstrators with tear gas.

Israel I Corona protests in Tel Aviv (Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images)

With the Beatles it is the "yellow submarine", on the protest poster power is talk of a sinking submarine

The background to the month-long protests are allegations of corruption against Netanyahu, whose trial began in May. Netanyahu denies all charges made against him. The head of government is also massively criticized because of his corona crisis management. The economic repercussions in particular fueled constant protests against his policies, which are primarily organized by the "Black Flags" movement.

Lockdown with success

After a lockdown of almost a month, the number of infections has recently dropped significantly. The first easing should therefore come into force on Sunday. Among other things, kindergartens and shops will be opened without public traffic. A ban on moving more than 1,000 meters from home will also be lifted.

Netanyahu called on citizens to continue to adhere to the corona rules that are still valid. In doing so, he also turned against representatives of the ultra-Orthodox Jews. An influential rabbi within the strictly religious community had called for schools to be opened in his sector, although this is still banned nationwide. There were particularly high numbers of corona infections in ultra-orthodox residential areas.

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