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Time travel: Season 3 of the Netflix series ″ Dark ″ | Movies | KG

Two children disappear without a trace in the small German town of Winden. What can be the starting point for a thriller or a drama will soon develop into science fiction in the Netflix series "Dark". The first started in 2017 German series production of the streaming service, which quickly became an international success.

This Saturday (June 27, 2020), the third and last season of the Grimme Prize series begins. In addition to many critics, she particularly impressed the audience: In spring 2020, users of the rating platform "Rotten Tomatoes" were able to rate Netflix in-house productions, 2.5 million votes were received – and "Dark" prevailed against 63 competitors as the best series.

Such successes and the plot of the series naturally also give rise to some gimmicks: at the start of the second season a year ago, the Berlin transport operator offered a "Dark" day ticket, valid both on June 21, 2019 and on June 21, 2052. Because "Dark" is – hopefully you can write that without spoiling – about time travel. And that makes it complicated: The protagonists meet their younger selves in the past or their older ones in the future, that depends on the point of view. In any case, you have to be careful and stay focused.

For better understanding, fans exchange theories, family trees and timelines in forums and social networks in order to graphically connect the loose threads.

The number of complex films and series is almost endless. However, it becomes particularly delicate as soon as the space-time continuum comes into play – as our picture gallery shows.

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