verb (used without object), tin·gled, tin·gling.

  1. to have a sensation of slight prickles, stings, or tremors, as from cold, a sharp blow, excitement, etc.: I tingle all over.
  2. to cause such a sensation: The scratch tingles.


  1. a tingling sensation.
  2. the tingling action of cold, a blow, excitement, etc.


  1. (usually intr) to feel or cause to feel a prickling, itching, or stinging sensation of the flesh, as from a cold plunge or electric shock


  1. a sensation of tingling

v.late 14c., “to have a ringing sensation when hearing something,” later “to have a stinging or thrilling feeling,” variation of tinkelen (see tinkle). Related: Tingled; tingling. The noun is first recorded 1700.

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