adjective, tin·ni·er, tin·ni·est.

  1. of or like tin.
  2. containing tin.
  3. lacking in timbre or resonance; sounding thin or twangy: a tinny piano.
  4. not strong or durable; flimsy; shoddy.
  5. having the taste of tin.

adjective -nier or -niest

  1. of, relating to, or resembling tin
  2. cheap, badly made, or shoddy
  3. (of a sound) high, thin, and metallic
  4. (of food or drink) flavoured with metal, as from a container
  5. Australian informal lucky

noun plural -nies

  1. Australian slang a can of beer
  2. Also: tinnie Australian informal a small fishing or pleasure boat with an aluminium hull

adj.1550s, from tin + -y (2). Used figuratively (of sounds, etc.) since 1877.

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