1. a color or a variety of a color; hue.
  2. a color diluted with white; a color of less than maximum purity, chromo, or saturation.
  3. a delicate or pale color.
  4. any of various commercial dyes for the hair.
  5. Engraving. a uniform shading, as that produced by a series of fine parallel lines.
  6. Also called tint block. Printing. a faintly or lightly colored background upon which an illustration or the like is to be printed.

verb (used with object)

  1. to apply a tint or tints to; color slightly or delicately; tinge.


  1. a shade of a colour, esp a pale one
  2. a colour that is softened or desaturated by the addition of white
  3. a tinge
  4. a semipermanent dye for the hair
  5. a trace or hinta tint of jealousy in his voice
  6. engraving uniform shading, produced esp by hatching
  7. printing a panel of colour serving as a background to letters or other matter


  1. (tr) to colour or tinge
  2. (tr) to change or influence slightlyhis answer was tinted by his prior knowledge
  3. (intr) to acquire a tint

n.“color,” 1717, alteration of tinct (c.1600), from Latin tinctus “a dyeing,” from tingere “to dye” (see tincture); influenced by Italian tinta “tint, hue,” from Latin tinctus. v.1756 (implied in tinted), from tint (n.). Related: Tinted; tinting.

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