1. a small child.
  2. Chiefly British. a small portion of a beverage, especially a dram of liquor.
  3. a small quantity of anything.

verb (used with or without object), tot·ted, tot·ting.

  1. to add; total (often followed by up).


  1. a total.
  2. the act of adding.
  3. British Informal. a column of numbers to be added.

  1. total.


  1. a young child; toddler
  2. mainly British a small amount of anything
  3. a small measure of spirits

verb tots, totting or totted

  1. (usually foll by up) mainly British to total; add

“little child,” 1725, Scottish, of uncertain origin, perhaps a shortened form of totter, or related to Old Norse tottr, nickname of a dwarf (cf. Swedish tutte “little child,” Danish tommel-tot “little child,” in which the first element means “thumb”).


“to reckon up,” 1760, from tot (n.), first recorded 1680s, short for total.

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